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Check out our full collections : Miamor, Romansia, Greyla, Punker, Lustella, Frillita and more to come...

  • Collection MIAMOR

    Elegance and sensuality to the collection sexy Mi Amor composed of negligee, corset, lingerie set etc, Has to discover absolutely!!!

  • Collection ROMANSIA

    Fall for the fiery red of the collection Romansia, and its designs are feminine and sensual with delicate little jewels rhinestones.

  • Collection GREYLA

    The collection Greyla : a classic theme and timeless revisited for a glamorous, that will put your forms in value.

  • Collection PUNKER

    Heart fragile refrain ! A collection of steamy cloth way latex and chains-jewelry, for the more daring. The collection Punker will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Collection LUSTELLA

    The collection Lustella is a real appeal to lust. Check out its sexy models in tulle and fishnet black embellished satin.

  • Collection FRILLITA

    A lot of originality to the collection Frillita, with its models of rascals in lace and ruffles, in a retro style and burlesque.


    White lace, games of cutouts and transparency to the superb collection Swanita. Babydoll, negligee, garter belts : models falsely wise for a naive slut...

  • Collection ETHERIA

    Etheria, a collection beautiful and very fresh, white lace in a pretty floral pattern.

  • Collection PICANTINA

    So sexy the collection Picantina, with its cutouts sensual, and games of tulle and lace !

  • Collection PICCOROSA

    The transparent tulle patterned satin, lace and tiny pink buttons placed in strategic locations : the many reasons to succumb to the collection Piccorosa !

  • Collection ADORIA

    Sober and elegant, the collection Adoria is the basic perfect your wardrobe of seductive. The black tulle and the lace of which it is composed are enhanced with little gems that make you sparkle.

  • Collection MUSCA

    Both elegant and sexy, the collection Musca will make you feel irresistible. The delicate black lace and maroon that complements each of the models perfectly blends in with the transparent tulle for a glamorous and very naughty.

  • Collection AMARONE

    Satin, black tulle and transparent lace color amaranth blend together in perfect harmony to create the collection Amarone : original forms, and always sexy.

  • Collection SWANITA black

    The Collection Swanita is now available in black lace, even more sexy ! Black or white, the choice is yours...

  • Collection FLOWERIA

    Delicately flowery and sexy, in a retro style, check out the collection Floweria with its black tulle statement of fine embroidery roses.

  • Collection ROSEBERRY

    Wake up the pin-up that is in you ! With its sexy models and stylish fuchsia satin and black lace, the collection Roseberry revisits the vintage style...

  • Collection SANTACUTIE

    To play santas sexy, check out the collection Santacutie with its tulle, fine red and small touches of white fur.

  • Collection DOTINA

    A collection of charming and deliciously retro, in black tulle decorated with polka dots and embellished with ribbon of black satin for a glamorous irresistible !

  • Collection ALLURIA

    With its black lace and cut-outs of original and feminine, the collection Alluria will not leave anyone indifferent !

  • Collection MEROSSA

    Let yourself be surprised by the original shapes of the collection Merossa, black lace sublimated jewelry in rhinestones and pretty nodes satin black...

  • Collection GRETIA

    If you want to spice up evenings too wise while remaining elegant, the collection Gretia is made for you ! An opaque cloth and very comfortable with a decor of metallic, for a style of fetish soft sexy...

  • Collection WONDERIA

    The collection Wonderia combines the elegance of black, the lace, stylized and graphic lines for a result trend and very glamorous!

  • Collection LOVICA

    The collection Lovica, they are models very sexy lace and red fabric, embellished with a small pearl white : what ignited your party !

  • Collection HEARTINA

    A red lace passion and a small heart rhinestone : discover the collection Heartina, a perfect gift idea for Valentine's day !

  • Collection MOKETTA

    Moketta, it is a collection wise but the original, which perfectly combines comfort and elegance in a subtle blend of stretch fabric and black lace.

  • Collection FRIVOLLA

    Amazing, sexy and graphics, here is the collection Frivolla, in transparent tulle, black lace and strips of geometric shapes.

  • Collection LACEA
  • Collection SEDUSIA
  • Collection AURORIA
  • Collection LILLOVE
  • Collection JULITTA
  • Collection SUELLA
  • Collection CHARMEA

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