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Sheltered from prying eyes, in the privacy of our boudoir, come and discover a whole range of items dedicated to pleasure and sensuality. Let yourself be guided by curiosity and give in to the temptation !

  • Dildos & Plugs

    The dildos are sex toys designed to mimic the shape of a male. Be used for the games intimate, they are of all sizes, generally soft to the touch, they are more or less realistic.

    The anal plug is a sex toy designed to stimulate the anal pleasure, and possibly to prepare for a penetration with an object more important as a dildo or a penis in erection. This is a great accessory for all those who want to learn to sodomy or simply get acquainted with this part hidden and often unknown to their body and all the pleasures the intimate their reserve...

  • Rings, Cockring & Liners

    Thering for penis, vibrating or not, serves to prolong the pleasure and delay the enjoyment. According to the model, the cockring can also be a clitoral stimulator. The sheath allows you to gain a few centimeters and stimulate the vaginal walls during penetration.

  • Bondage - SM
  • Geisha balls

    We are witnessing a real craze for the geisha balls after the release of the erotic novel " 50 shades of Grey ". The geisha balls are a sex toy and an accessory for rehabilitation and strength training of the perineum. They are also known as the balls Ben Wa (阴道球, yīndàoqiú, "balls vaginal" or 内用球, nèiyòngqiú, " balls for internal use ").

  • Naughty games

    Card games, dice games, or other : check out the erotic games for couples and raise the temperature with these naughty little games that are practised, but also to a number of...

  • The cabinets
  • Masks

    Hide-you to better you discover, and let yourself be surprised by your partner...

  • Masturbators &...

    These adult toys are initially intended for solitary pleasures, but their use has become democratized, so that they are more often used in couple.

  • Handcuffs & accessories

    Because the desire rises when it is attached to, because the games of dominance and submission symbolize the spice to the life of couple, because the handcuffs are becoming more and more glamour, we present to you a collection suited to all tastes.

  • Vibrating Eggs

    The vibrating eggs are not necessarily an accessory to a solitary pleasure, but are used more as a couple. The vibrating eggs are much more than an object of desire, they have become as a game between partners and suggest variants often amazing.

  • For him
  • Rabbits

    The vibe rabbit is recognized easily because it is equipped with a spud which is intended to stimulate the clitoris in addition to the stimulation current of a vibrator.

  • Vibrators

    With materials always more mild and pleasant, original color, shapes, design and especially of the vibrations varied and more powerful, our range of vibrators will take you to the 7th heaven. The vibrator rabbit, to him, is recognized easily because it is equipped with a spud which is intended to stimulate the clitoris in addition to the stimulation current of a vibrator of classical.

  • 50 shades of grey
  • Enterrement de vie de...
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